Masterchannel launches SpatialAI – the world’s first spatial AI mastering solution for artists and producers

Masterchannel, the AI mastering company, has launched SpatialAI, the first solution on the market that streamlines the creation and technical compliance of spatial audio releases, preparing them for distribution in minutes.

SpatialAI is aimed at opening up the opportunities for all artists and producers to deliver tracks in Spatial Audio, changing it from an “elite technology” that is prohibitively expensive and complex for many, to something which is accessible for all.

Everyone from bedroom artists to signed musicians can use its high-speed and affordable subscription service to ensure that their tracks meet platform requirements and market standards for spatial audio. The need for artists to ensure they can fulfil these requirements is expected to grow as more streaming platforms start to offer spatial distribution.


The news comes as spatial audio grows as a preference for streaming subscribers. Apple Music has revealed that in just over a year since its launch, more than 80% of its worldwide subscribers had enjoyed the feature, and monthly plays in the format have grown by over 1,000% in 2022.

A track prepared with SpatialAI will sound professional in any environment: on wireless earbuds, spatial headphones, a spatial cinema’s speaker system, or on a regular stereo system.


SpatialAI is aimed at producers that are starting to switch to a spatial audio workflow, but who may be uncertain if their productions meet all the requirements of spatial audio deliveries or who might not produce music in perfectly optimized listening environments. SpatialAI also provides an alternative for more established artists who may have needed to employ two engineers for stereo and spatial versions.

Once an artist has created an initial track, they can upload an ADM BWF file for free to Masterchannel. After a very short period of time, Masterchannel will deliver back a sonically and technically optimized version of the track for streaming platforms, alongside a rendered and individually optimized stereo version of the spatial file for traditional distribution.


Masterchannel’s AI uses reinforcement learning to work like a real engineer, making original decisions as it proceeds through a track based on its previous experience. It continuously tweaks the track to remove technical errors or anything that is an obstacle to the perfect spatial musical listening experience.

SpatialAI builds on Masterchannel’s existing stereo service that ensures that tracks sound professional across all listening environments, speakers and platforms.


Masterchannel CTO Simon Hestermann, spatial mastering patent owner and former spatial audio researcher at Fraunhofer IDMT, said:

“There’s a growing urgency for artists to deliver tracks in spatial audio, with the format being prioritized for streaming playlists. However, until now it has been an elite technology. Producers have needed expensive equipment and add-ons to trust it, and engineers and their studios needed to be certified to attract business, making it prohibitively expensive and complex for many.”

“That’s why we launched SpatialAI, to democratise access to spatial audio. Now DIY artists have the opportunity to compete with major signed artists for listener attention. Our aim is to streamline the switch to spatial audio for artists of all kinds.”

To find out more about the new service, please click here.


About Masterchannel

Masterchannel is using Artificial Intelligence to democratize professional-sounding music, giving bedroom producers the opportunity to compete with major signed artists for listener attention.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Masterchannel launched in 2022, and its subscription model launched in August of that year. Since then, Grammy-winning producers and people with strong credits have become Masterchannel converts, such as JT Roach and Skinny Days.

While some areas of music creation are arguably best handled by humans, mastering can be automated, to make it easier for artists to focus on what matters – making great music.

Using an AI concept called reinforcement learning instead of training data, Masterchannel lets the AI follow its own purpose as it works on a track, rewarding it if it does something well. Masterchannel has perfected what makes a well-engineered track and has learnt how to mathematically encode that into technical criteria for the system.

Masterchannel partners with distribution platforms and other service providers such as amuse, integrating the service to make it as easy as possible to access. The aim is to make audio engineering technicalities obsolete for music producers.


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