Cyanite launches Cyanite for Innovators to foster unique innovations in music and AI

Cyanite, one of the world’s leading AI companies for music analysis and recommendation has launched Cyanite for Innovators, a partnership initiative aimed at fuelling creativity and innovation in the fields of music, AI, and the creative arts.

Through this programme, Cyanite aims to make a positive impact on the worlds of music and technology, by supporting passionate innovators.

Cyanite for Innovators will support individuals and teams from diverse sectors, including NGOs, the arts, research institutions, not-for-profit organisations, grassroots movements, and creative coding communities.

Successful applicants to Cyanite for Innovators will gain access to  Cyanite’s API and technology, early access to prototypes, and the team’s expertise providing them with a unique opportunity to bring their music and technology ideas and projects to life.

The Cyanite for Innovators program has no maximum numbers of participants, and projects will be supported for at least 12 months.


Markus Schwarzer, CEO of Cyanite, said:

“I am happy that we are launching Cyanite for Innovators. In the past four years we have seen many incredible projects coming to life based on the free access to the Cyanite API. There are countless ground-breaking innovations in the music industry and with the help of our AI technology we can help emerging talent push the envelope of what is possible. This programme is our commitment to supporting the visionaries who seek to shape the future of our industry.

“We hope to continue empowering innovators by providing them with access to our AI technology, and ultimately create a positive ripple effect across our industry and beyond.”


The latest project to be supported by Cyanite and launched at the end of the year is TBC Radio, an independent community radio station from New Zealand.

One of their founders James McGregor-MacDonald says: “Cyanite’s cutting-edge music tagging and analysis tools have been a game-changer for us at TBC, a small independent radio station. Their generous support has empowered us to curate music on a scale we never thought possible, truly democratizing access to world-class tools.


Cyanite for Innovators builds on Cyanite’s existing support for a diverse range of projects focused on innovation and creativity:

  • Kaloyan Madzhunov – Graduation project for ICT & Media Design at Fontys in Eindhoven. An innovative AI film music discovery tool supporting filmmakers finding perfect music for their projects (2023)
  • Josefa Rackl – “Synergy”, a generative design system for music visualizations using AI. A Master’s project on the subject of Interactive Media Systems at Technical University Augsburg, Germany. (2022)
  • vi · son – Mixing Senses, 2021, a digital exhibition that explores multisensory perception of music in the digital age. (2021)
  • Rehaan Mazid – An AI-powered music discovery app named Songified by Developers Student Club at Vellore Institute of Technology, India. (2021)


Interested participants may submit a detailed proposal via this link outlining their project objectives, timeline, and expected outcomes. Once you have successfully handed in your application, please confirm it via [email protected]. Please allow Cyanite four to eight weeks to screen your application and get back to you.


Applicant requirements and expectations

  1. Eligibility: Open to individuals and teams from NGOs, research institutions, arts, not-for-profit organizations, grassroot movements, and creative coding communities, worldwide.
  2. Project Focus: Projects should involve the innovative use of AI technology in the music and audio domain, such as music tagging, content analysis, recommendation systems, or creative applications.
  3. Impact and Purpose: Applicants must demonstrate that their projects would provide a clear and positive impact to the music industry, society, arts and culture, or related fields.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Our aim is to represent a wide diversity of people and projects, so we keenly encourage those from diverse backgrounds, members of LGBTQ+ communities, and those from minority backgrounds, to apply.


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