3 Common Problems With Mobile Printers

Using mobile printing in business has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. The ability to print receipts, documents or other information while on the go means you are more productive and able to do business wherever you are. In retail it has also meant less time finding a computer or linking up to a large printer. However, mobile printers do also have their problems, but they can be fixed. Let’s look at 3 common problems with mobile printers.


1 Paper Jams

One of the most common problems for any printer is paper jams. Printers will often be sensitive to certain paper thicknesses and composition. Some types of printer paper will work well while others won’t.

Most mobile printers have their own specific paper that is designed to work with these machines. However, this still doesn’t stop the paper from getting jammed at times. Usually, the problem can be rectified quickly by removing the paper and trying again. However, in some situations, you can have repeated jams, which will need to be investigated and repaired.

There are companies that specialise in repairing mobile devices including printers, such as Mobile Computer Repair. They are able to diagnose the issue and fix the device so that it is ready to be used again. This is vital in a business environment where productivity can be impacted by such hardware failures.


2 The Printer Won’t Print

This can also be a common issue with both mobile and stationary printers. The reasons for a printer not printing can be varied but some of these problems can be remedied yourself.

One reason for a printer not printing is that the computer or device it is connected to is not instructing the printer to print. Sometimes, repeating the request can remedy the problem, but you may need to restart the device or printer so solve the issue.

Another reason is that the printer has a jam which is preventing it from printing. As with the previous problem, this can be solved by removing the jam and trying again to print.

Finally, if the printer is printing but the paper is blank or the writing is pale, then it could be an issue with the ink or the printer head if you are using thermal printing. This issue can be fixed by replacing the ink or resetting the printer head and seeing if this fixes the problem.


3 Printer Not Connecting to the Device

Mobile printers and those that don’t need a data cable can sometimes suffer from connection issues. This can be caused by either a problem with the software, or perhaps a hardware issue with the printer or device.

Some printers use a WiFi connection to receive the information, which can be disrupted in certain situations.

It is important that you regularly update the software if required. This will help to remove potential issues and any security fixes that may be needed. It may also help to reset the Wi-Fi router to see if this will clear the problem.


Reporting Problems Early

If you are running a business, you want to ensure that any problems are dealt with as soon as possible. This means letting staff know that it is vital they report any issues with equipment as soon as possible.

Once a device has a problem, it is advisable to see if it can be corrected by the usual means, including resetting the device and checking the connections. If these fail, then you will likely need to send the device or printer for repairs.

In most cases, you should have at least one or two spare devices and mobile printers so that you can continue while the device is repaired. If not, then the repair centre may have one that can be loaned while the other one is being fixed.

Having a log of these problems and which units are affected can be useful. This will show you which devices are having problems and if these are recurring with one particular unit, then it may be time for it to be replaced.

It will also help keep track of where the devices are and who is using them. If you are noticing issues when a particular member of staff is using the device, then they may need some additional training to help solve the problem.



 Mobile printers and other mobile devices are making business easier, however, it is important to keep them in good condition and to repair any issues as they arise.

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