Record breaking year for Inheritance Data

Growing business expands its reach with range of new partners and services

Inheritance Data has reported a record-breaking year with enhanced services and functions and a significantly expanded customer base.

Through new partners The National Will Register and CLS Property Insight, along with existing partners, a growing number of Executors and Probate Professionals are taking advantage of services provided by Inheritance Data.

Through industry leading technology and API (application programming interface) capability, searches can be placed seamlessly from a multitude of platforms, with results shown instantaneously as Inheritance Data receives them.

In addition to new partnerships, a raft of new services are now available through the Inheritance Data platform to complement its Comprehensive Financial Asset Search, such as:

  • Certainty Will Search (powered by the National Will Register)
  • Liability Search (powered by Equifax)
  • Section 27 notice (London Gazette)

Inheritance Data is also working with a further range of new partners which will enable additional services to be unveiled soon, offering a complete searching solution for all probate matters.

Daniel Cane, CEO of Inheritance Data said: “We’ve welcomed new members to the team and achieved a record-breaking year which will allow Inheritance Data to invest further in our technology. Thanks to our growing success we are able to offer the most comprehensive Financial Asset Search, with a range of other complimentary services, all in one place.”

As the most experienced Financial Asset Search providers, Inheritance Data services benefit from not only exclusive Share searching capabilities but an Estate Distribution Warranty.

Every search placed comes with a unique warranty, to protect the Executor / Administrator from any additional costs that could be incurred from a missed asset for up to 10 years.

For more information, or to request a free demo to see how Inheritance Data’s services could benefit your organisation, assist probate professionals and help to mitigate risk, get in touch with the team at

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