11:11 Systems to Deliver Low-Cost Cloud Object Storage with Eleven 9s of Durability

Global customers gain access to 11:11’s resilient cloud platform with new levels of durability, scalability and security

11:11 Systems (“11:11”), a managed infrastructure solutions provider, announced the availability of 11:11 Cloud Object Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new offering will give 11:11’s customers the unprecedented opportunity to cost-effectively store vast amounts of data with industry-leading durability, scalability and security.

“Storing mission-critical data in a single data centre creates the potential for a single point of failure,” said Justin Giardina, CTO, 11:11 Systems. “With cyber-security threats looming larger than ever, using a storage solution with eleven 9s of data durability that redundantly stores data across multiple data centres is key.”

By default, 11:11 Cloud Object Storage for AWS redundantly stores a customer’s mission-critical data across a minimum of three data centres, as opposed to other providers who always store data in a single physical building. Customers will also be able to reserve capacity to secure storage discounts through a long-term contract, while still paying monthly. Additionally, the simplified and lower price point of this new solution includes no fees for egress or API requests and comes with 11:11 Systems’ 24/7/365 support.

“With 11:11 and AWS at the helm, hosting, managing and protecting our data, I’m able to sleep a lot better at night,” said Bradley Berry, EVP and CFO at Delta Diversified, a top speciality contractor based in Tempe, Arizona. “That reliability has absolutely been our number one benefit since beginning our partnership with 11:11 Systems.”


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