EfficientEther Ltd Secures Cyber Essentials Certification, Enhancing Its Cybersecurity Framework

London, 29th April 2024 – EfficientEther Ltd, an AI and cloud cost optimisation start-up, is delighted to announce its recent achievement in obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification. This accomplishment follows the successful certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards in October 2023, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to governance and security in its innovative solutions.

Established in June 2023, EfficientEther Ltd. is headquartered in London, UK, and specialises in artificial intelligence and deliver cost-effective cloud solutions. This certification marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards enhancing IT security frameworks and operational excellence. This accreditation not only bolsters our security credentials but also broadens our market opportunities in sectors that mandate compliance with Cyber Essentials standards.

Ryan Mangan, CEO of EfficientEther Ltd, highlighted the importance of this certification, stating, “Securing the Cyber Essentials certification further validates our dedication to robust cybersecurity measures. This achievement reassures our customers of our growing capabilities in protecting our infrastructure against cyber threats, and it aligns with our commitment to governance and security in the rapidly evolving cloud market.”


The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to help organisations of all sizes fortify their IT systems against common cyber-attacks, offering a clear view of their cybersecurity level. It is also a critical requirement for businesses seeking to engage in certain government contracts, further enhancing their trustworthiness and competitive edge in the industry.

About EfficientEther Ltd

EfficientEther Ltd is an innovative start-up specialising in AI and cloud cost optimisation solutions. Founded in 2023 and headquartered in London, the company is committed to transforming the cloud industry through a focus on sustainability, information security, and cost-effectiveness. Following the attainment of the Cyber Essentials certification, alongside ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, EfficientEther Ltd is committed to providing secure and sustainable cloud solutions.

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