Gamers step into spring with launch of Lawn Mowing Simulator on Nintendo Switch & Meta-Quest VR

As the vibrant hues of spring begin to paint the world in shades of green, it’s that time of year many of us turn our attention to the garden, if we are indeed lucky enough to enjoy one. Lawn enthusiasts in the gaming space though have no need to open the proverbial patio doors and battle the, sometimes, inglorious UK weather.

Lawn Mowing Simulator has certainly made the cut with the gaming community, since it’s original launch on Steam, XBOX and PlayStation. Enjoying an almost worldwide cult status, the game’s popularity has been driven by an immersive, authentic and often therapeutic mowing experience via multiple scenic environments.From country houses and historic castles to residential areas and equestrian fields, grass gurus can manicure lawns from the seat of a range of impressive real-world, ride on, mower brands, with the gamer having to consider a range of challenges.

The launch of the game this week on the Nintendo Switch (14th March) and on Meta-Quest the following week, is quite literally, a breath of fresh air, allowing gamers to blossom their virtual greenery on go! The release, by Liverpool-based Skyhook Games Studio and astragon Entertainment, leverages the unique features of the Nintendo, allowing users to navigate through lush landscapes as seamlessly as a spring breeze.

The standard edition provides gamers with an unparalleled grass cutting adventure! Cyber-mowers can test their lawncare skills through multiple vibrant landscapes and even have the option to run an entire virtual lawn-mowing business. So, if grass grooming itself isn’t enough, users can try their hand at financial management, employee hiring or even acquire licensed mowers from well-known brands like Toro, SCAG, STIGA, and EGO.Launched alongside this for the Nintendo Switch, is the Landmark Edition. This exciting release provides downloadable content allowing access to a Dino Safari Park and Ancient Britain.    So, if you have ever wondered, what it would be like to maintain the grounds around Stonehenge or keep a Tyrannosaurus Rex enclosure pristine, the landmark edition brings these unique experiences to life!

Launching on 21st March, Lawn Mowing Simulator VR, is a total turf triumph, providing users with a ground-breaking range of picture-perfect locations, including a garage headquarters to run your very own lawncare empire. Created by Skyhook Games Studio and published by Curve Games, the VR version of the game also has a range of new interactive features including an in-game smart watch! This piece of kit provides the gamer with an easy way to track progress throughout game objectives.

The Immersive VR Technology provides gamers with an incredibly authentic experience, not only with physical gameplay but allows the user to cultivate a peaceful virtual space, providing similar mental health benefits associated with real-world gardening.With the continued popularity of simulation games in the marketplace, the excitement is building, with the new Lawn Mowing Simulator releases expected to be a cut above the rest. For more information about Lawn Mowing Simulator for Nintendo Switch and Meta-Quest VR, please visit or check out their social media channels.

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