Why you should outsource your IT in 2024

In an increasingly digital world, companies need their IT set up to be as efficient as possible to prevent disruption, drive productivity and remain competitive.

Traditionally, IT has sat within businesses, with a designated employee or two. However, IT has grown in complexity and importance for organisations in recent years. IT teams now need to counteract new threats, hybrid set-ups and an everchanging digital landscape.

Few businesses have the resources in-house to manage everything that needs to go into an effective IT strategy. Because of this, more and more are choosing to outsource their IT to external partners instead. As technology continues to adapt fast, outsourcing is also quickly becoming the sensible choice.

Here’s why.

Improved cost efficiency

Many companies are working on lean resources and trying to minimise their costs as much as possible. Outsourced IT offers improved cost efficiency compared to in-house teams.

The main reason for this is because staff overheads are removed. You simply pay the cost of the service contracts, rather than an annual salary and benefits. Your IT partner will already have access to their own systems and tools to provide their service, so there’s less need for internal investment.

Productivity will also likely be higher, with you only billed from the hours stated in the contract, increasing cost-efficiency even more.

Access to up-to-date expertise

One of the most pressing challenges in IT is staying up to date with new technology. Your staff may be limited, based their experience working with your systems and their exposure to new trends.

If you want them to grow their understanding, you will need to invest in training and ensure they have the time to monitor updates. All of this has knock-on effects to expenses and productivity.

An external partner should have up-to-date knowledge. They will work across a range of systems and tools. They’ll spend time researching new updates (and not on your time). They are also likely to refresh their training regularly and benefit from industry accreditation. They can then bring their learnings to your business so you reap the benefits.

24/7 assistance

If you have designated IT staff, the chances are they only work specific hours. They’ll also need to take holidays and have occasional sick days. If an emergency happens when they’re not available, it can lead to longer downtime and increase losses.

Most external IT companies will offer 24/7 assistance, meaning you can get help as soon as you need it. They’ll also have a team of people ready to work on your account, so cover is uninterrupted and always available.

By outsourcing your IT, you’ll remove many of the challenges associated with an in-house team, as well as alleviate the pressure of finding the right candidates. You can then focus on your business operations with peace of mind your IT is taken care of.

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