New partnership brings blockchain to everyday apps: Quant and Zapier

Blockchain for finance pioneer Quant announced today the availability of Overledger Platform in the Zapier store, enabling users and enterprises to build automated workflows customised for their role and business.

Zapier is an industry leading no-code development platform, its ‘zaps’ are beloved by millions for their ability to seamlessly integrate business applications and systems to automate workflows.

Overledger is Quant’s powerful blockchain interoperability and integration platform. By using the new Overledger-powered zaps, users can create automated workflows of Overledger’s API calls for actions such as data feeds, real-time monitoring and more – all without any knowledge of blockchain technology or writing a line of code. Like all zaps, Overledger zaps can include additional integration to any other app in the Zapier app store, including AI tools, business analytic tools, traditional database and office programs, so the automation possibilities are almost endless.

“Our vision has always been to leverage the power of blockchain in a way that was simple and genuinely useful to the end user,” says Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant. “With these new Zapier integrations, we’re bringing traditional Internet service, applications and data together with blockchain in the easiest way imaginable. Pulling information from smart contracts on any blockchain and then effortlessly connect resulting data to other enterprise systems takes minutes. Imagine, for example, the benefits for a buy-side analyst with no technical knowledge who needs to pull live data on digital assets and populate a spreadsheet or enterprise database with it.”

This marks another milestone in the company’s mission to make blockchain simple, trusted, and future-proof.

“Our Zapier integration requires absolutely no code to read smart contracts on any chain and connect DLT data to legacy systems. Easy blockchain data feeds and synchronization of data into enterprise systems are now a reality to anyone.”, says Luke Riley, Head of Innovation at Quant. “That means apps can be built faster and data dependent tasks can be automated. In short, any blockchain solution’s time to market will be drastically reduced.”

About Quant

Quant is the foundation of the blockchain economy.

Assets of all kinds, from currencies to carbon credits, are being tokenised on blockchain, making their ownership immutable, their provenance traceable and their use easy to manage. Our patented technology makes this simple, trusted and future-proof.

We work with financial institutions and other enterprises to dramatically reduce their time-to-market, create new revenue lines, and mitigate risk by delivering enterprise-grade solutions built with security and compliance front of mind.

Founded in 2018, Quant is UK-based with a US presence. We spearheaded the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 adopted by 57 countries and solved interoperability with the creation of the world’s first API-based blockchain platform, Overledger.

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