Launch of the Polish Satellite Intuition-1 and On-board Computer Antelope coming this November 2023

This November 2023, Polish space company KP Labs plans to launch two advanced technologies aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket during the “Transporter-9”: the Intuition-1 Satellite and the Antelope Onboard Computer.  

Intuition-1, a compact 6U nanosatellite, is equipped with a specialized hyperspectral optical instrument and the Leopard Data Processing Unit, capable of handling up to 3 trillion operations per second. With the synergy of these two components, the satellite will analyze the collected data in orbit, leading to reduced data transmission from the satellite to Earth and a significant reduction in operational costs. Intuition-1 will support advancements in various fields – from agriculture and environmental research to deforestation analysis.  

Antelope, which has been integrated on D-Orbit’s OTV, ION Satellite Carrier, is an advanced On-board Computer designed to operate in space conditions. Its primary function will be to use artificial intelligence to monitor telemetry data obtained from satellite subsystems. With the ability to detect errors early on, this feature will enhance the safety of future satellite missions. Antelope is a dedicated solution for missions focused on Earth observation and satellite communication.  

By investing in the development of space technologies, KP Labs, with the support of the National Center for Research and Development and the European Space Agency, prioritizes innovation and long-term impact on various sectors of the economy. As emphasized by Michał Zachara, COO of KP Labs: “It’s not just a step towards the future of space exploration but also an investment in technologies that can revolutionize many aspects of our lives in the coming years, benefiting the global community.” 


KP Labs is a NewSpace sector company with a mission to accelerate space exploration by advancing autonomous spacecraft operation and robotic technology. Their expertise includes creating onboard software, hyperspectral imaging devices, artificial intelligence algorithms, and high-performance data processing units. Currently, the company is executing 17 projects for ESA, NASA, and private entities, actively participating in space missions as part of international consortiums. 

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