Ultra-realistic digital canvas from Vieunite transforms the way we connect with art in the home

The Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas is an ultra-realistic display that utilises texture-accurate technology with a diffused anti-glare finish that perfectly replicates the surface textures and details of artworks. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a casual collector, Vieunite allows you to display a collection of art in your home the world’s biggest galleries would envy.

Firmly positioning itself as the digital canvas for art lovers, Vieunite has developed an ever-growing community of leading contemporary British artists, allowing Textura Digital Canvas owners to purchase and display the very best of modern art in their homes through a unique marketplace that helps support the UK’s creative economy.

Designed from the ground up by Vieunite’s Birmingham based development team, the Textura Digital Canvas displays art and photography in a way that does justice to the craftsmanship involved in creating the pieces, through a seamless app to canvas experience. With its adaptive matte display, the canvas’ brightness can be controlled to best suit the artwork and lighting of the room, to create the ultimate accurate display.

Encompassed in a slender modern wooden frame the easy-to-mount 27” digital canvas is available with either a pine, birch, walnut or black finish, allowing you to match the canvas with your home’s décor.

“Along with my 15 years of experience in digital display technology, we have assembled a team of experts across art, software development and tech to create a truly ultra-realistic digital canvas,” explains Dr Baoli Zhao, Managing Director of Vieunite.

“But the canvas is just the start – we have created an exciting and ever-growing community of artists to display their work on the Textura Digital Canvas to help the technology we have created shine, whilst supporting the creative economy.”

Overseen by the brand’s Cultural Director, Dr Benedict Carpenter van Barthold, the company has established partnerships with The Royal Society and RBSA Gallery, as well as developing and curating exciting new collaborations with important contemporary galleries and individual artists, including from leading art schools such as Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art.

Straight out of the box, the digital canvas is easily set up by being plugged into the mains and paired with the intuitive Vieunite App through your home’s WiFi network. Here, users can choose between contemporary pieces from Vieunite’s growing artists’ community, including moving images, as well as classic artworks and even their own personal photos and videos. Using the app users can schedule what content is shown when, as well as programming the digital canvas to turn on and off automatically, only using power when needed.

The Textura Digital Canvas is available now from vieunite.com for £490.


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