Searches for ‘is snapchat safe’ explode 252% after controversial ‘My AI’ feature terrifies users after posting stories and ignoring messages

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘is snapchat safe’ have skyrocketed by 252% and ‘delete Snapchat’ has exploded 1,019% worldwide after causing Snapchat users to feel uneasy due to the ‘My AI’ chatbot having unusual issues on Tuesday, 15th of August. Snapchat users reported the chatbot to have posted a story, where only a wall could be seen for a few seconds and ‘My AI’ was no longer replying to messages, leaving users baffled.

A new finding by no deposit casino bonus guide reveals that online interest in the term ‘is snapchat safe’ has exploded worldwide in the past 90 days by 252%, questioning the safety of the app over its My AI feature. ‘delete Snapchat’ also has skyrocketed 1,019% in the past seven days and searches for ‘how to delete Snapchat’ have risen 1,239% worldwide over the last seven days. The hashtag #SnapchatAI currently has over 487 million views on TikTok.

The rise in interest in deleting Snapchat accounts across the globe comes after the social media platform have rolled out the feature earlier this year for all 750 million users, but opinions of the AI addition have been divided since its technical issues causing some users to feel uneasy, and many are now threatening to leave the app altogether.


A spokesperson for commented on the findings: “The My AI feature is designed to have conversations and dialogue like users to feel like a person. Some users, however, have viewed this as being too much like a human and are raising concerns about how My AI acted on its own posting a story, causing debate around the use of Artificial Intelligence on the platform.

These findings provide an eye-opening insight into the staggering rise in Snapchat users looking to cancel their accounts from across the world, with many claiming the new feature is scary and concerning.”

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