vitagroup Selects Yugabyte to Underpin  Patient Health Care Records System for Catalonian Population

Yugabyte, the leading PostgreSQL-compatible distributed SQL database company, has been selected by vitagroup, the German-based health technology specialist for vendor-independent digitalization, to underpin the delivery of an upgraded open source patient health care records system for the Catalonian Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI). This system will support the Catalan population of 8 million people.

To deliver CTTI’s vision of patient-centric health care, CTTI required a highly scalable and resilient data platform. This platform will unify all Catalonian health records and support the concurrent access, updates, and usage of up to 80,000 healthcare users, primarily local hospitals and general practitioners.

The project includes the delivery of the vitagroup Health Intelligence Platform (HIP) and the HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR) to CTTI.

YugabyteDB Anywhere, which simplifies a self-managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) at scale, was selected by vitagroup due to its ability to:

  • Scale to support 8 million Catalan citizens
  • Serve 80,000 concurrent users in a transactional context
  • Meet CTTI’s commitment to open source


Martin Gaffney, Yugabyte Vice President, EMEA, (pictured above) said, “This is a significant project for Yugabyte in the region. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with vitagroup to deliver a highly scalable and resilient open source based patient-centric health information system that supports the entire Catalonia population.”

Historically, the challenges of fragmented and siloed solutions, the limited scalability of systems architectures, and the inflexibility of proprietary technologies have hindered the unification of healthcare records in the region.


“We are very happy to have Yugabyte on our side in this pioneering initiative”, said Stefan Schraps Vice President Business & Community Management, vitagroup. “With this strong partner, we can reliably serve the largest possible requirements for the project and address the need to lift the scaling restrictions of monolithic PostgreSQL. Another plus: like our HIP CDR, YugabyteDB is built on open source technologies, which gives Catalonia the perfect combination of vendor independence, future-proofing and uncompromising performance.”


Technology Background

vitagroup selected Yugabyte after competitive bids, one of which offered EHR with monolithic PostgreSQL.

The proof of concept was conducted on YugabyteDB Managed, YugabyteDB’s fully managed Database-as-a-Service. YugabyteDB Managed seamlessly supported 80,000 concurrent users and 20 billion medical record documents. This scalability, Yugabyte’s professional services support, and CTTI’s preference for open source, were key factors in vitagroup’s final database decision.

Support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents, supported in YugabyteDB, was also critical. Health records are required for many different purposes, and a healthcare database cannot easily and flexibly be managed in a strict tabular format.

YugabyteDB is planned for installation in Q3 2023 with production roll-out of EHR targeted for early 2025. The production system will run in CTTI data centers and the application platform will be on Kubernetes.


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