Corporate Security Expert Says MOVEit Cyber Attack Reinforces Importance Of Investment In Prevention

Businesses Have Become The New Frontline For Cyber Attackers, Warns KCS Group Europe

Leading corporate security experts, KCS Group Europe (KCSGE) warn that vulnerability of MOVEit – that has affected Zellis software clients – indicates how far-reaching individual cyber incidents can be and reinforces the importance of cybersecurity across all businesses.

More than twenty organisations, from aviation, transport, logistics, healthcare, media, technology, utilities and public services have reported a loss of data. The cybercrime syndicate which is believed to be responsible for the attack has warned that companies have until June 14th to meet their demands or the data will be published.

Jonathan Marimo

KCSGE Head of Cyber and Information Security, Jonathan Marimo says: “The MOVEit transfer system flaw has allowed escalated privileges and unauthorised access.

“In other words, a successful attack allows unauthenticated remote access to any folder or file within a MOVEit system.”


The threat group which has claimed credit for the attack is the Clop ransomware group, also known as TA505, from Russia. They have been known to exploit similar vulnerabilities before to steal data and extort victims.

The Clop group posted a message on the dark web saying, after initial contact via email, that organisations would receive a unique link to a real time session where they would be given a price for their data.

If no agreement is reached after seven days, the attackers say they will begin to publish the data.


Marimo says: “This incident highlights once again how crucial it is for every organisation to have an incident response plan and the importance of cybersecurity throughout the workforce and associated partnerships.

“Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue, it’s a business-wide issue. People are the first and last defence in cybersecurity and should be at the centre of the solution.

“Organisations must take a proactive approach to regularly update software and immediately patch vulnerabilities that can be exploited in attacks.

“Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and businesses are becoming the new frontline. Mitigating steps should be taken to protect an organisation’s data and this begins with an ongoing investment in prevention.”


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