YugabyteDB 2.18 Powers Multi-Region Kubernetes at Scale and Enhances Support for Diverse Workloads

Yugabyte Simplifies Self-Managed DBaaS and Accelerates Database Modernization with a Wave of New Capabilities

 Yugabyte, the leading open source distributed SQL database company, today announced the general availability of YugabyteDB 2.18. The release delivers innovative new features to easily deploy YugabyteDB in multi-region Kubernetes environments at scale, to seamlessly run diverse workloads on a single relational database, and to simplify infrastructure and database operations in private or public clouds.

Cloud native applications often need to support a diverse set of workloads without the cost and complexity of database sprawl. YugabyteDB 2.18 delivers an expanded feature set specifically designed to manage and proactively react to the demands of different workloads—all through a single platform. For users that need a powerful self-managed DBaaS, YugabyteDB 2.18 delivers new intelligence, automation, and data protection capabilities in YugabyteDB Anywhere.

“The growing popularity of distributed SQL databases is testament to the need that organizations of all sizes face to overcome limitations of legacy databases,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO, Yugabyte. ”The new automation capabilities and general performance improvements make YugabyteDB 2.18 suitable for a broad range of transactional workloads running in diverse cloud environments.”

With YugabyteDB 2.18, organizations can:

  • Run Diverse Workloads on a Single RDBMS: With the general availability of colocated tables, new query pushdowns, and scheduled full compactions, YugabyteDB 2.18 is able to improve the performance for a range of diverse workloads. Colocated tables eliminate query fan-out and optimize performance when handling both small and large tables. Scheduled full compactions improve the performance of data access and minimize space amplification.
  • Power Multi-Region Kubernetes at Scale: YugabyteDB 2.18 enhances the capabilities of YugabyteDB Anywhere to eliminate common points of friction when deploying Kubernetes. This includes support for shared namespaces, incremental backups, and up to 5x faster backups. Multi-region, multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments are made simpler through the combination of YugabyteDB’s native synchronous replication and Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Service (MCS) APIs. Users needing a standard two-data-center configuration can now seamlessly configure and leverage the power of xCluster asynchronous replication for Kubernetes. YugabyteDB is the only distributed SQL database to offer asynchronous cross-cluster replication natively. Finally, new support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) gives users a greater selection of orchestration platforms.
  • Simplify Self-Managed DBaaS Operations. Many organizations want to embrace DBaaS, but need to retain control of their underlying infrastructure, security and day-to-day operations. New YugabyteDB 2.18 updates for YugabyteDB Anywhere include an intelligent Performance Advisor to proactively optimize indexes, queries and schema; incremental backups for 20x more frequent protection; and easy, granular recovery with point-in-time recovery (PITR) integration in YugabyteDB Anywhere. YugabyteDB Anywhere also takes a big step towards automating the deployment of consistent database clusters by introducing the technology preview of a Terraform Provider.

YugabyteDB 2.18 is available today. All core YugabyteDB features are available for free in the 100% open source version, and YugabyteDB Anywhere orchestration engine enhancements are available to commercial customers.

Visit www.yugabyte.com to learn more about YugabyteDB and distributed SQL technology.


About Yugabyte

Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open source, high-performance distributed SQL database for building global, cloud-native applications. YugabyteDB serves business-critical applications with SQL query flexibility, high performance and cloud-native agility, thus allowing enterprises to focus on business growth instead of complex data infrastructure management. It is trusted by companies in cybersecurity, financial markets, IoT, retail, e-commerce, and other verticals. Founded in 2016 by former Facebook and Oracle engineers, Yugabyte is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Dell Technologies Capital, Sapphire Ventures, and others. www.yugabyte.com

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