Forge Technologies Improves Portfolio With Digital App & Innovation Services

Today, Forge Technologies revealed the introduction of its enhanced service portfolio to help businesses embrace digitisation and accelerate digital transformation through Digital App & Innovation.
Marking a new chapter for the company, Digital App & Innovation services address current concerns around legacy IT systems, digitisation and cloud transformation. New services, paired with Forge Technologies’ unique portfolio of managed services provides a 360-degree approach to digital transformation, from having a solid foundation that promotes future growth, to ensuring technology is secure and accessible for employees and customers.
Unrivalled technical expertise, combined with integrated modern workplace solutions positions Forge Technologies at the forefront of the market, guiding a wide variety of customers in meeting the new needs of hybrid workforce and the always-connected customer. The new, comprehensive Digital App & Innovation offer brings together:
  • Development of cost-effective, scalable, and completely customised applications
  • Design of intelligent app integrations to create a coherent enterprise architecture
  • Enhanced data analytics models that connect multiple business systems and data together
Digital App & Innovation covers an array of solutions within Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based innovation ecosystem and innovative technology such as Azure App Service and Power Apps. Forge Technologies customers will now be able to optimise processes and workflows through automation and integration and empower employees with the right tools to collaborate, create and grow. With access to data-driven insights, mixed reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that Microsoft Azure offers, businesses can build a culture of innovation.
“The next level of digital transformation goes beyond technology implementation; it spans across the entire organisation taking the business and its employees along on the journey. This holistic approach is a key differentiator for us at Forge Technologies and something that other service providers often overlook,” said Jason Osmond, CEO of Forge Technologies. ”By leveraging Microsoft Azure and our new Digital App & Innovation capabilities, we can deliver cohesive, fit-for-purpose systems that replace clunky, manual processes with intelligent app integrations and smart use of AI and automation. Everything is accessible for employees and customers through a single, front-facing interface for detailed data analytics and enhanced visibility across the lifecycle.”
“Today’s workplace is undergoing a revolution in innovation that urges businesses to invest in digitisation. What is important to remember is that digitisation is not always a matter of pouring more money into developing legacy technology. Thanks to the breadth of our portfolio and expertise, we have no incentive or constraints to push particular solutions. Instead, we use a blank-canvas methodology to look at the infrastructure as a whole. It enables a consultative business-led approach that focuses on end goals, regardless of what the existing technology stack looks like. With the launch of Digital App & Innovation, we look forward to helping even more partners achieve better digital transformation and accelerate their pace of innovation.“
About Forge Technologies 
Forge Technologies, backed by industry-leading partners such as Cisco, Fortinet, and Microsoft, offer a holistic portfolio of managed IT services and platforms that solve modern workplace challenges. Committed to providing their customers with well-managed, highly secure, and resilient services and vendor-neutral solutions, Forge Technologies helps businesses optimise everyday processes, enhance profitability and position themselves for long-term growth as the world becomes increasingly connected.

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