Love Cheats Will Adore The Mobile App That Involves Secrets, Lies and Deception

 Having multiple mobile phones has long been a sign of someone who’s up to no good. Love cheats are known for managing their double lives on different handsets, so having more than a couple of phones is always sure to rouse suspicion. But, this new app can now give them two numbers for the same phone.
Enter The CloudSIM mobile app – the perfect communication tool for mobile users with a secret.
The app, which is available on both iPhones and Android devices, provides cheats and criminals with an opportunity to manage their clandestine activities without having to swap phones.
CloudSIM gives users the option to switch between four different numbers on one device, enabling  dodgy customers to manage their secret lives with ease.
Of course, this wasn’t the original purpose of the app. CloudSIM’s developers had good intentions, seeing it as a viable solution for business people who needed separate numbers for work calls but didn’t want to have to pay for another mobile phone.
It’s also great for those who are online dating or selling goods and services on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree but prefer not to share personal information.  Having a second number is like having a second email address, making it far easier to compartmentalise different parts of life – particularly helpful in today’s “new normal” of working from home.
An extra number can be useful for anyone who needs to hand out details to strangers when buying online or signing up to mailing lists. And if you want to avoid work calls while chilling with a favourite movie or Netflix binge, a separate work number can really help manage a healthy work/life balance.
For singles looking for an easier way to meet people, having a spare number gives an added element of privacy.
Expats who want to maintain a UK number can also benefit from the app, as well as business owners whose staff are now working remotely.
The app uses VOiP technology for crystal clear calling and is a flexible, cost effective way to manage communication. Users can make real calls to international destinations at a low cost, along with much cheaper sms messaging than standard mobile providers offer.
But like all innovative technology, there’s always a risk of a minority of people taking advantage. Cheating spouses and criminals have now been provided with the perfect opportunity to go about their dirty business more stealthily – and successfully – than ever before.
Calls to landlines costs £0.01P a minute, calls to mobiles is £0.03P a minute, and text messages cost £0.04P each. The app is free to download, but subscription fee for number is £3.99 a month, £9.99 for three months, or £27.99 for a year.
Cloud SIM is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. To find out more, visit

App Store:

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