DigitalWell becomes fully licensed UK telecoms carrier

DigitalWell, leading provider of enterprise communications, consultancy, and technology transformation services, has been awarded a UK telecoms carrier licence, it was announced today.

As a fully-fledged interconnected BT carrier, the company’s news marks a significant development that will enable DigitalWell to offer its own voice services throughout both the UK and Ireland, expanding its geographical coverage more than threefold.

Being interconnected with the incumbent and no longer needing to rely on third party operators in the UK has several advantages, both for the firm’s existing customers and the firm itself, which has been at the forefront of the communications industry for x years.

With a licence regulated by OFCOM, benefits include increased security, flexibility, quality of service and credibility for the expanding brand. With one less link in the chain, there is also a heightened level of resilience and stability in DigitalWell’s network, which is directly connected onto the BT network.

Instant scalability will also allow the company to take full advantage of the growing demand for integrated communications solutions among businesses of all sizes, as it can grow its service to accommodate any opportunity.

In addition, DigitalWell can now manage and host Emergency Call Answering Services (ECAS), which answers all emergency calls and text messages made in Ireland and connects the caller to the required emergency service.

With the company’s commitment to innovation and proven track record of delivering results, customers can expect a continued high-level of service and support from DigitalWell as it expands its offering across the UK. While for any customers with a business located in the UK and Ireland, the firm’s service across both locations will become seamless.


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