These Are the Best UK Cities and Towns For a Career in Gaming

Since 2016, the UK has seen an increase of over 31% in the number of active games companies, games service providers and games-related academic institutions, which means that there are now 2,555 games businesses across the UK.


A research commissioned by took a closer look at the data by The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) to find out where the games businesses are located. By doing so, the researchers came up with a list of the best regions, cities, and towns for everyone dreaming of a successful gaming career in the UK.


Out of the 2,555 businesses, the vast majority are located in England, 2,001, 108 are in Scotland, 59 in Wales, while 38 games businesses are located in Northern Ireland.


When it comes to regions, Yorkshire and the Humber has the highest number of active games businesses, 128. It is followed by West Midlands with 125 businesses and East Midlands, which has 104 games businesses.


City Number of companies
London 713
Manchester 75
Brighton 72
Guildford 71
Slough 63
Cambridge 45
Bristol 42
Sheffield 38
Leamington Spa 36
Edinburgh 30
Nottingham 26
Leeds 26


Looking at the specific towns and cities, the vast majority of the games businesses are located in London, 713.


London is followed by Manchester with its 75 businesses, Brighton with 72 businesses, and Guildford, where 71 games businesses are located.


Out of the top 12 towns and cities, Edinburgh is the only city outside of England on the list; with 30 games businesses, Scotland’s capital is on the 10th place.

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