Analysis reveals the YouTube tutorials that helped us through 2022

The last three years have highlighted the need for self care and improved wellbeing, from maintaining our physical health during the Covid-19 lockdown to looking after our mental health throughout the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Interested in what fitness and wellbeing techniques Brits are most interested in, The Knowledge Academy analysed YouTube search data using Ahrefs and ranked them according to popularity, in order to conclude the most searched for Youtube tutorials of 2022.

Key Findings:  

1: Techniques that improve mental wellness dominate the top 10 with tutorials such as ‘Guided meditation’ and ‘yoga for beginners’ ranking within the top 10.
2: Yoga related searches appear twice in the top 10 list showing the desire among the public to expand physical, mental and spiritual wellness

3: Tutorials around time management are popular with ‘My Morning Routine’ and ‘Pomodoro Technique’ coming in at 4 and 5.

Top 10 fitness and wellbeing techniques Brits want to learn 

Global Rank Search Term Average UK Monthly Search Volume Average Global monthly Search Volume
1 Guided Meditation 14,000 175,000
2 Yoga for Beginners 11,000 106,000
3 Positive Affirmations 5,100 42,000
4 My Morning Routine 1,000 28,000
5 Pomodoro Technique 2,300 24,000
5 Dumbbell Workout 1,600 24,000
7 Skincare Routine 1,200 23,000
8 How To Be Happy 1,000 18,000
9 Restorative Yoga 1,400 11,000
10 Body Positivity 1,300 9,200
10 How To Ride A Bike 500 9,200

#1: Guided Meditation comes in first place with 14,000 monthly searches in the UK and 175,000 searches globally. With 50% of Gen Z cite improving mental health as their New Year’s resolution in 2023, it’s no surprise that wellness trends such as meditation have dominated the rankings. Guided meditation gives those new to meditation something to follow helping newcomers find inner calm and peace. The benefits of meditation couldn’t be clearer with it improving anxiety in 60% of cases and even reducing the risk of hospitalization from Coronary heart disease by 87%.

#2: Yoga for Beginners is the second most popular search term with 11,000 monthly searches in the UK and 106,000 global monthly searches. The ancient practice of Yoga originated in India and is more popular  than ever with an estimated 300 million practitioners worldwide. Practicing Yoga is a great way to improve both your mental and physical fitness.

#3: Positive Affirmations ranks in third position with 5,100 monthly searches in the UK and 42,000 globally. Positive affirmations have shown to reduce health deteriorating high stress and improve academic perfomance. Positive Affirmations improve our sense of self integrity which help us become stronger people.

#4: My morning Routine is in fourth place with 1,000 monthly searches in the UK and 28,000 globally. Our morning routines set the mood for the rest of the day. Science has shown that not skipping Breakfast reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Having an organized morning routine can also help us keep a clear mind ready for the day ahead.

#5:The Pomodoro Technique achieves the fifth spot with 2,300 monthly searches in the UK and 24,000 monthly searches globally. This method of time management splits tasks into 25 minute sections followed by small breaks, the name itself comes from tomato shaped kitchen timers often used. Splitting tasks up like this can boost productivity and mental health

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