Cosmic Champs Mobile Game Releases Season 2 of Game-Playable NFTs

Cosmic Champs, the first 3D real-time play-to-earn game on the Algorand blockchain, is launching the second season of its animated 3D game-playable non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cosmic Champs launched its closed beta mobile game on December 5th 2022 and has already had 2160 games played by 273 unique users.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result, it has garnered a strong and supportive community of players.

“It’s been a more challenging year than we predicted and yet also overwhelmingly rewarding,” said Matty Blanchard, CEO and co-founder of Cosmic Champs. “We’ve been inspired by the phenomenal community supporting our growth and game development here at Cosmic Champs. We couldn’t have asked for a better foundational community.”

In addition to the steady development of the game, Cosmic Gold (COSG), the governance token of the Cosmic Champs ecosystem, has held strong in its relative value to Algorand’s ALGO.

COSG supports a portfolio of games in development, a creator economy, NFT sales, and a future marketplace. COSG allows holders to participate in staking pools on Cometa, Algorand’s premier decentralized finance (DeFi) staking solution, and also participate in Algorand Foundation governance rewards programs by pooling liquidity on Algorand’s decentralized exchanges (DEX), such as Tinyman and Humble.

You can easily obtain COSG by swapping ALGO on any major Algorand DEX.

Despite the market downturn, COSG remains in the top three projects on Algorand by total value locked in liquidity.

“Since we launched the Cosmic Gold token, the play-to-earn market has gone through a lot of shifts,” said Blanchard. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback that our tokenomics model is one of the best in blockchain gaming and we’ve made even more improvements to ensure long-lasting utility for our governance token.”

The added utility of COSG includes allowlist spots for future NFT shuffles, access to monthly NFT lotteries, monthly in-game boosts, and guaranteed future access to buy planet NFTs (land).

Cosmic Champs will release Season 2 of their highly successful GameFi NFTs on Algorand on the 19th of January.

“Our interactive, 3D animated NFTs have been a hit with collectors, adding a level of dynamic functionality that’s unique to the Cosmic Champs experience,” said CTO and Co-Founder Simon Belingar.

“With the integration of these NFTs into the new 3D design of the game, players can expect an even more immersive and responsive gameplay experience. We believe our cutting-edge NFT technology sets us apart in the Algorand and wider blockchain gaming communities.”

In a milestone event for the burgeoning world of Cosmic Champs NFTs, the Season 1 NFT Angel Blade was recently bought for a record-breaking 12999 Algos on Rand Gallery, the premier Algorand-based NFT marketplace. This NFT was minted using the ARC3 Algorand standard, which enables the creation of multimint fractional NFTs.

”The unique aspect of fractional NFTs is their ability to allow owners to easily see their percentage of the total supply. In Cosmic Champs, this is particularly valuable as owning multiple fractions of the NFT grants in-game advantages,” said Belingar.

The recent sales of Candle Invin for 9999 ALGO and Angel Blade for 12999 ALGO is a testament to the growing popularity and value of Cosmic Champs NFTs in the gaming industry.

The highly anticipated sale of its Season 2 NFTs will take place in two rounds: a private shuffle and a public shuffle. Both rounds will be hosted on the Cosmic Champs Algogems shop starting 11am UTC on the 19th of January ( During the private round, each NFT will be sold for $20 USD worth of COSG. During the public round, each NFT will be sold for $30 worth of COSG.

There are five ways to be eligible for the allow list for the private shuffle: owning a Season 1 NFT, possessing a closed beta pass (an NFT called the Singularity Era Commemorative Pass), holding COSG tokens, being on the Cosmic Quests Crew3 community building leaderboard, or winning one of Cosmic Champs’ community giveaways.

The allow list snapshot for Season 1 NFT holders, beta pass holders, and COSG tier holders occurred on January 1st, 2023. More giveaways to access the sought after spots will be announced in the coming weeks via the Cosmic Champs Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
Six new Champs (playable in-game characters) will be introduced in the shuffle: Jax, Cyclops, Hawk, Pix, BFF, and Shockwave.

A total of 2010 NFTs will be available, with rarities ranging from Common to Legendary. Each NFT will be sold via shuffle for USD $20 worth of COSG.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on these sought-after NFTs and see what the new season has in store. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to follow Cosmic Champs on social media for the latest news.

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