Digital Disruptors’ Champions 2022 announced

Pioneering teenage victors take to the stage at Pi Live show 2022

The outstanding winners of this year’s young ‘Digital Disruptors’ innovation contest have been announced at the world’s premier affiliate and performance marketing conference, Pi Live, in London.

Fifteen young digital pioneers took part in a mentored brainstorm session earlier this year as part of the annual Digital Disruptors’ programme, a three-day event hosted by digital marketers, the Tomorrow Group.

The four finalist teams took to the main stage at the world leading PI LIVE show to pitch a range of social media app ideas for the future. The ideas included:

  • Apply – a professional network designed to minimise the gender gap and barriers created as a result of professional competitiveness and which places a higher priority on skills and attributes over experience and qualifications.
  • BeWe – a no-filters, moderated network, helping young people to be who they are, in a safe but entertaining environment without the pressure of perfectionism, common in mainstream social media platforms.
  • Interlink – a network to educate and develop young people’s skills, reduce procrastination and enable more school aged students to have their say and build confidence through lifestyle lessons.
  • Itfitz – a fashion platform designed to help people overcome their fears of purchasing online and which focuses on providing a judgement-free, positive network for people to try on an augmented reality of clothes, shoes, hairstyles and nails.


The Digital Disruptors’ Champions 2022 are Inter-link.

Tina Judic, the organiser of Digital Disruptors, was hosting the event on the main stage at Pi Live.

Tina, who is also co-founder and chairman of Tomorrow Group, said: “This year’s young Digital Disruptors were all incredibly hard-working, talented and inspirational. All their ideas were strong, full of research and reason and are all worthy of being built as social media platforms.

“But there could only be one winner this year. The Digital Disruptors’ Champions 2022 are Inter-link, with a network to educate and develop young people’s skills, reduce procrastination and enable more school-aged students to have their say and build confidence through lifestyle learning.

“It’s always a privilege to host this annual programme which helps young people, who may not know or believe what might be possible for them, to realise that there can be a very bright future ahead.”


This year’s judges were former Made in Chelsea star and MD of influencer agency Disrupt, Stevie Johnson; Tik Tok’s Simon Hofmeister; and Jamie Klingler, founder of the Creative Influence Alliance.


Simon Hofmeister, Head of Industry – eCom Key Accounts at Tik Tok said: “It was really inspiring to see so many well thought out ideas, tackling some very real problems in innovative ways via the power of social media.

“Huge congratulations to the winners and I’m looking forward to showing all of the Digital Disruptors around TikTok HQ next week, as part of their prize.”


Digital Disruptors is a registered charity. Mentors, donors and applicants for next year’s competition can find more information at

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