Would you dare to set foot in the Cursed Mansion and wake up the damned?

Upcoming classic horror RPG will take you on a scary journey as you have to get out of the Cursed Mansion.

Something scary is coming up. Imagine getting locked in a huge house and having to figure out how to escape, because if you don’t – you will never, ever get out again. Something sinister happened here – but what? Danger and death lurks around every corner. The mansion is one big riddle and only you can solve it.

Soon it’s time to leave your comfort zone and take your first steps in the Cursed Mansion. Experience RPG 2D top down with creepy horror. Full of an eerie atmosphere which leaves you with goosebumps.

Watch the ominous teaser trailer here.

Since April 2021 fans have had the opportunity to try out the early alpha version of Cursed Mansion: Confined Within Time and Space. Great player feedback has supported the further development which is looking very promising. More information about the full release of the title will be announced in the near future.

Wishlist Cursed Mansion on Steam.

Cursed Mansion is being developed by Dragon Emperors and published by UpointGames with support from Telkom Group and Melon Indonesia. 
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