Pioneering software boosts reader engagement for publishers

A pioneering world-first software tool which hones in on reader empathy has been developed in the UK and will help cash-strapped publishers boost engagement and revenues.

London-based startup, Bridged, uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint sections of a written article which are likely to elicit the most empathy from readers.

Publishers, who have seen declining revenues over the past few decades, can then use that knowledge to build first party data and convert that into more ad revenue, additional newsletter signups and an increase in paid subscriptions.


Maanas Mediratta, founder and CEO of Bridged, said: “Publishers around the world are trying to make sense of looming internet privacy changes and to discover how it impacts their income.

“It is estimated that 50% of publishers’ revenues are at risk with 3rd party cookies being killed off, and multiple other privacy changes. Some publishers are already pioneering the change – such as Business Insider, the New York Times and Washington Post – which are using 1st party data to increase revenue and diversify cash streams.

“Bridged makes this possible for everyone. Around 95% of publishers we’ve spoken to say they want to build data but either have no resources or don’t feel they have the technical tools.

“We have created software that automates content marketing campaigns. It uses AI to find where the audience is most likely to engage within any piece of content, whether text, audio or video. With our software, publishers generate 150% more conversions and GDPR-compliant 1st party data. With Bridged, they can build their 1st party data strategy with zero code and no integration costs.”

A number of well-known UK publishers are currently trialling the product, which can boost average revenue per reader by up to 150%.


Luka Marjanovic, partner at the Internet Bull Report inc. (IBR)  said: “Building 1st party data is of prime importance to any publisher at the moment and working with Bridged means that we can do that simply, efficiently and effectively with very little manual work required on our side.”


Julia Koval, Partnerships and Marketing Manager at The Fix Media said: “We are delighted to be using Bridged. The Bridged cards are easy to use and integrate. They are a great option to add some interaction with your readers.”


Bridged is currently engaged in a pre-seed funding round and has so far raised €500,000 in investment.

The business is offering a free month-long demo of its software to any publications that would like a trial.

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