From South East Asia to South Wales – Leadsopedia set to disrupt £100 Bn B2B data market

A Welsh entrepreneur has packed up his successful data business in the Philippines and is bringing it and his family home to Wales.

Martin Woodbridge who is 43 and originally from Pyle, Bridgend has lived and worked in The Far East for the last 17 years, but the call from home became too strong and now he is working to launch his brand new business in Cardiff and bringing his family over to live here too.

Having built successful business relationships while in the Philippines with all sorts of technology companies and data vendors, Martin is confident that his product will catch on fast with its low cost of entry and high-end technology.

The market for data is increasing at an incredible speed. The big data analytics sector be worth $103 Billion by next year in a report from last year by

In 2020, we each generated some 1.7 megabytes of data in just one second! 95% of businesses cite the need to manage data as a big problem for them and 97% of businesses are investing in big data and AI.

Leadopedia as the new venture is called is ideally placed to help Welsh businesses benefit from this boom by providing complete and bespoke databases for businesses looking for contacts and leads for their B2B sales and marketing efforts from only £99. It’s an offer Martin thinks is unavailable anywhere else in Wales, if not the UK.

So impressive is the Leadospedia offering that Martin’s clients are already queuing up to buy even though he is a little more than a year into the new venture. He has attracted some well known British brands to the business like Bizspace and Dojo.

Leading South Wales marketing agency Real inbound based in Swansea, have agreed to partner with Martin to provide their clients with his bespoke data and data services.

Talking about his new venture, Martin had this to say “Leadsopedia is now crowdfunding, and I am speaking to private investors and venture capital companies to raise funds. We are going to disrupt the B2B data market, and provide UK businesses with the most affordable and accurate B2B data available, with access to an online platform that will provide access to over 200 million B2B data globally.”

To learn more, please visit the company website:

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