REVEALED: How your mobile can speed up your airport experience

  • New research from leading mobile reseller Affordable Mobiles shows how Apple Wallet can be used to increase efficiency at the airport.
  • Flightradar 24 and The Flight Tracker voted the best flight tracking apps to download.

New research from leading mobile phone reseller, Affordable Mobiles has revealed how your mobile phone can speed up your airport experience.

Reports from major UK news outlets show those travelling from airports such as Manchester and Birmingham are facing huge queues and delays.

The research identifies how travellers can use Apple Wallet on their iPhones to maximise efficiency at the airport.

Apple Wallet has a handy function that enables the storage of boarding passes from most major UK airlines.

When downloaded, the boarding passes are readily available when the iPhone is locked or unlocked, making for a faster airport experience.

Android users can also download boarding passes onto their device through the Google Pay feature. When the boarding pass is loaded, the option to save the pass to Google Pay will appear.

When needed, those with Android mobiles can instantly access their passes through the Google Pay app.

The research also studied the top apps to download to be prepared ahead of a flight. Flightradar 24 came out on top with an App Store rating of 4.8 stars and a Google Play Store rating of 4.6 stars.

The high-ranking app covers airports globally and includes major airports within the UK. It allows travellers to view general information about the airport, track arriving and departing flights and keep up to date on any issues or delays.

Users can also filter results by airline, aircraft, altitude and speed. Advanced AR technology on the app enables the user to point their mobile camera at a plane in the sky and receive information about the flight.

The Flight Tracker came out second with an App Store rating of 4.6 stars and a Google Play Store rating of 4.5 stars.

This app provides live flight updates, reliable flight data, airline information and a real-time weather map.

The Flight Tracker is now Apple Watch compatible, giving users access to gate, terminal, departure and arrival information with one glance at their wrist.

Both apps are available to download on Android and iPhone for free, with upgraded subscriptions available from £5.49/week.

Jessica Canning, Digital Content Executive at Affordable Mobiles, commented on the research and said, “I think it’s fair to say that airports are stressful for everyone. There’s always a level of anxiety that you’re not prepared enough, and this research has been super-interesting in identifying how our mobile phones can speed up the process of getting through airports.

“Apps like Flightradar 24 and The Flight Tracker are extremely useful and with the most recent news surrounding delays and cancellations at major UK airports, having all this information readily available on your device is super handy.

“After a tough couple of years, people deserve to jet off and enjoy themselves and any ways of making this less stressful are great.”

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