The 100% functionless headset will transport wearers from where they are… to where they are

Step out of the metaverse for one moment. And hold the back page. And the front page for that matter…  because Heineken Silver has just launched a headset. You heard right, Heineken – one of the world’s biggest brewers – has just diversified into tech and launched a headset.

From a distance, the headset might look like any regular, metaverse-ready, high-specification VR headset, but appearances can be deceiving. The generous-sized vision portal, the smooth contouring of the pristine, premium white unit and the achingly cool grey ergonomic strap – that can be easily adjusted to fit different-sized heads – are all part of the supporting cast, because there’s one feature that sets the headset apart from ALL of the competition.

It doesn’t have a screen. You can put your hand right through it. Which all means that when you put it on, you’re instantly transported from where you are… to where you are. In fact, it’s the most low-tech headset the world has ever seen. Actually, make that ‘no-tech’ – proudly boasting zero functionality.

It’s surreal, slightly disconcerting and a little discombobulating at first, but when you get used to it, the ‘actual reality’ (AR) headset is refreshing and liberating. Put it on when you’re looking up at the sky and you’ll see the sky. Put in on when you’re talking to your partner and you’ll still be right there, talking to your partner. Put it on when you’re drinking a beer … you get the picture.

So why has Heineken pivoted into ‘electronics’ and unveiled the world’s lowest tech headset? Well, it’s all tied to the launch of Heineken Silver, its new, extra-refreshing, 4% ABV lager, that ‘virtually’ launched in the metaverse earlier this month, but now it’s launching for real – and with it Heineken Silver is encouraging Brits to embrace real world experiences.

To poke fun at the seemingly endless list of brands currently clambering to launch products in the metaverse that are actually best appreciated real, Heinekenâ Silver is opening the doors of an IRL metaverse bar in London on Thursday 7 April, which doesn’t serve drinks – of any kind. Upon entering the IRL META-BAR all attendees will be given an actual reality headset to ‘enhance’ the experience, along with useless, non-drinkable pixelated pints.

Of course, in true Heineken style there’s a twist. As reward for spending time in the IRL META-BAR bar – and wearing a functionless headset with no front – all visitors will gain access to a very special and extra fresh experience next door celebrating real moments over a beer. Details are being kept under wraps, but trust us, it’s not one to miss, and entry costs nothing except for the time spent in an ironic metaverse-themed pub truly appreciating how real beats fake.

Matt Saltzstein, Heineken Silver Brand Director, commented: “The development of the world’s first no-tech headset was a real labour of love for us and it took the best brains in the business about three minutes to make the first prototype. But some things are worth persevering with. 

In all seriousness, Heineken Silver is one of the biggest new beer launches ever. And while it might seem completely counterintuitive to launch a new beer in a bar that serves no beer, where people walk around wearing effectively useless headsets, the whole set-up proves that some things like having a beer are best enjoyed real”. 

The Heineken Silver IRL META-BAR and Heineken Silver launch experience takes place on 7th April for one night only at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, East London. To register for tickets to the event visit: https://ra.co/pre/1516516.

In addition, and if you can’t wait to get your hands on a totally useless but decent-ish looking no-tech headset for review, please contact the Heineken Silver consumer press office at [email protected].

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