Global tech brand makes a new home in Hammersmith

Global technology company Riversong is a leading provider of smart devices, including the latest wearable technology. Already serving around one-fifth of the world’s population, they have developed hundreds of products that are already consumer favourites. Riversong has worked hard to build up a trusted reputation around the world, and now, the company is bringing its range of products to the UK market, opening new offices in London.

“I am really excited to launch Riversong in the UK. Riversong has been in the market for a long time and is present in over 60 countries now. Our next step on Riversong’s journey is launching in the UK where we have recently opened an office in Hammersmith.” Said Riversong CEO Haitham Kalakesh

From smartwatches to high-quality charging cables, earbuds and other essential accessories Riversong offers a range of consumer technology goods that come with affordable price tags. But, unlike other brands on the market, Riversong don’t believe that lower prices need to mean lower quality. Riversong’s mission is to offer quality tech for everyday people, bringing the consumer all the lifestyle benefits of wearable tech at an affordable price.

“I want to get Riversong technology into the hands of everyday people. I hear so often that people choose the cheaper option and it breaks within weeks. Riversong is different, it’s affordable but also durable and to show our confidence to the consumer it comes with a 2-year warranty.” Haitham said.

From easy charging solutions to smartwatches and ear pods, their range of consumer technology builds on a strong R&D team and a leading group of industrial, mechanical, and graphic designers to provide high-level, modern devices at accessible price points.

And these kinds of products can be big business. In 2019, there were 55.5 million smartphone users in the UK, with estimates suggesting by 2025, this figure will jump to 64.9 million. Consumer-based wearable technology in the UK has also been growing, with research showing around 15% of UK Adults own smartwatches, and more than 270 million units of ear-worn devices are forecast to be shipped in 2023, more than any other wearable category. These figures are only likely to grow, and Riversong are confident they’ll be able to replicate their global success in the UK.

“In today’s world, many of the products we sell are now a necessity, so people want affordable products that they can rely on, that’s what Riversong offers.”

About Riversong UK

Riversong is a leading provider of smart devices, including the latest wearable technology. As a global brand, they have developed hundreds of products that are present in more than 60 countries, including new offices in London. Riversong provides high-quality tech for everyday people, with a mission to bring innovative smart devices to everyone, backed by a 2-year guarantee and excellent customer service.

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