Ever wanted to be an ER Nurse? Check out new Mobile Game “Happy Clinic”

Nordcurrent launches Happy Clinic—a fun, engaging hospital-themed time management game that offers player to experience duties of an emergency room nurse.

Game developer Nordcurrent has this week launched their new mobile time management game Happy Clinic. This hospital-themed game uncovers a lighthearted story and introduces players to the busy life of hospitals.

While the game does not claim to be a realistic simulation of hospital processes, it manages to show the sheer scope, diversity, and tempo of work in an emergency room in a relaxing way. The player will also learn the basics of hospital infrastructure and how various improvements affect the performance of medical services. Level by level increasing traffic of patients and complexity of issues will require players to invest their earned currency into the necessary equipment, hospital interior, hire more professional doctors and overall improve their working conditions. 

“Our goal was to paint the hospital environment in happy, positive colors, to give players a bright perspective of healthcare. We purposefully avoided dramatic situations and failures that one might expect from a hospital game, but kept the challenge curve rising in different ways so that the players could feel their skillful play rewarded,” said Viktorija Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent.

The game offers a player dozens of challenges in different locations worldwide, a chance to improve each hospital with a unique choice of equipment and staff, while providing needed care for patients. The protagonist of a game—a nurse—works to assist doctors in treating patients, assigns diagnostic and laboratory analysis, and engages in other activities.

“There is one obvious similarity between Happy Clinic and a real one, that is continuous and often unexpected challenges of solving bottleneck problems. However, the way it distances itself from reality and the tone, in which it presents the action, hits the right notes when I need a short relaxation break. At the same time, it sends a strong message on how critical is the role of the nurse in a hospital,” says Ričardas Peldžius, anesthesiologist working in an emergency department, who has tested the game before launch.

This is already the third major time management game from Nordcurrent. Cooking Fever has gained more than 400 million installs since its launch in 2014 and Airplane Chefs has hit the market in January last year.

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