Gaming Online? The Average PC can run fewer than half of most popular games on Steam

New research has revealed that more than half of the most popular PC games can’t be played on an average computer.

The study by internet experts analysed the minimum requirements of the top 100 most popular Steam games and compared them with the average computer according to Steam, revealing that 54 games need more processing power than a standard PC has in order to run smoothly, even using the game’s bare minimum settings.

According to Steam, the typical computer has a quad-core Intel processor(CPU) with speeds of 2.69 GHz. The most common graphics card(GPU) is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of VRAM, plus 16 GB of RAM. In addition the average Steam user has 249 GB free space on their hard drives, and a Windows 10 64 Bit operating system. These specifications mean the average PC is able to run 41 out of the top 100 popular games on Steam.

The most popular game on the list of playable games is Stardew Valley, which has 98.02% of positive reviews on Steam. This game doesn’t require any specific CPU brand, and it only needs a dual-core processor with a speed of 2 GHz. It doesn’t require a specific GPU brand, yet it does need one with a minimum DirectX 10 and 0.256 GB VRAM. The game also only needs 2 GB RAM, and a small amount of storage of 0.5 GB. This shows that the average PC would be able to run Stardew Valley comfortably, with the minimum requirements being far below the typical specifications.

Another popular game on Steam that is runnable on the average PC is Grand Theft Auto V, which was released in 2013 and has become one of the most sold games in history. The typical Steam user is barely able to run the game with the average CPU, as the game requires a quad-core processor with a minimum speed of 2.4 GHz. The GPU requirements for Grand Theft Auto V are very low in comparison to the CPU, where a GPU only needs DirectX 10 and 1 GB of VRAM. The game doesn’t need much RAM, specifying a minimum of 4 GB, but it is one of the larger ones on the list, coming in at 72 GB storage needed.

Average PC Setup,
CPU Brand Intel
CPU Speed (GHz) 2.69
CPU Cores 4
Graphics Card Brand NVIDIA
Graphics Card GeForce GTX 1060
GPU DirectX 12
Ram (GB) 16
Free Hard Drive Space (GB) 249
Operating System Windows 10 64 Bit

Valheim was released earlier this year but despite that, the average Steam user is able to run it. The game is just able to run with the typical processor, as it requires a quad-core with speeds of 2.6 GHz, which is 0.09 GHz slower than the average CPU. The most common GPU being a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is well above the minimum requirements of DirectX 11 and 2 GB VRAM. It also requires 8 GB RAM, and has very small storage space needed with the game being only 1 GB.

Dota 2 is one of the many popular games that is unplayable on the most common PC. The multiplayer online battle arena game needs a minimum processor speed of 2.8 GHz, which is higher than the speed of the average CPU. However, other than the speed of the CPU, the average PC surpasses the minimum requirements, with the game only requiring 2 CPU cores. It also has low GPU requirements, with a minimum of DirectX 9 and 0.512 GB of VRAM. The game also only needs 4 GB Ram, and 15 GB storage, both being far lower than the average PC.

PUBG: Battlegrounds and Apex Legends are similar to Dota 2, with both games having low requirements in comparison to the typical PC specifications. However, the speed of the average CPU is too slow to the games at minimum settings, with PUBG: Battlegrounds needing 3 GHz, and Apex Legends needing 3.8 GHz.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from said: “PC gaming has grown rapidly over the past few years and more people than ever want to enjoy games on their own computer at home. It is interesting to see how many games the average person can play, and how many will struggle to run because they have such high minimum specifications. The results reveal that less than half of the popular games can be enjoyed by all, so consumers should be sure to check their PC’s performance before purchasing a new game.”

The study was conducted by, cybersecurity experts dedicated to helping internet users feel safer and protected online.


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