Nintendo Switch is the UK’s Most Wanted Black Friday Deal

The Nintendo Switch is the most anticipated tech for Black Friday in the UK, new research has revealed.

In the build-up to Black Friday, the study by technology experts Trusted Reviews analysed the number of online searches for technology products people look forward to going on sale on the big day.

Analysis of the data revealed that the popular gaming console, Nintendo Switch, is the most searched technology associated with Black Friday deals, with nearly 26,000 searches for the product.

The second most anticipated Black Friday technology search is laptop – Black Friday laptop deals were searched more than 21,000 times.

Televisions rank third on the list of tech items that people in the UK are hoping to see big deals for – “TV” has been searched in association with Black Friday around 19,000 times.

Coming in at fourth on the list is Apple’s iPhone, after the latest generation iPhone 13 was released in September 2021. Apple’s most in demand product has received 14,000 searches online when associated with Black Friday deals.

Mobile phones are the fifth most popular technology product on the list, with 12,000 searches for Black Friday discounts on the must-have item.

Most Wanted Black Friday Deals, by Trusted Reviews

Rank Product Total Search Volume


Nintendo Switch                             25,900


Laptops                             21,100


TV                             18,700


iPhone                             14,000


Mobile Phones                             12,000


iPad                             11,500


Playstation                               7,600


Dyson Hair Dryer                               6,900


Airpods                               5,100


Xbox                               2,800

The second Apple product to appear on the list, the iPad comes in at sixth on the list. It received more than 11,000 searches by the UK public, meaning it is the most popular tablet available on Black Friday.

After the Nintendo Switch, two more consoles feature in the top ten most searched Black Friday tech items, with Playstation (7,600 searches) being Googled nearly three times more than Xbox (2,800 searches).

Dyson hair dryer takes eighth spot in the list, with 6,900 searches, while a third Apple product features in ninth place – Airpods have 5,100 Black Friday searches.

A spokesperson for Trusted Reviews commented on the study, saying: “Black Friday is only a couple weeks away now and people all over the country are looking to take advantage of the deals on offer. The data shows that the Nintendo Switch is set to be in high demand this year, along with laptops and TVs. Whatever people are planning to buy, they should avoid impulse purchases and do their research to ensure that they are definitely getting a good deal, so they aren’t left with any Black Friday regrets.”

The study was conducted by Trusted Reviews, the site dedicated to giving readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy from experienced expert reviewers, who thoroughly test everything they recommend.

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