Transformative FAST App Launch Makes Autonomous Retail Accessible to All

 Sensei’s new app technology enables any store to be easily retrofitted into a futuristic retail experience overnight.

Sensei, the leading European provider of autonomous stores, has launched its new FAST App to provide retailers with a real-time overview of store inventory, putting the store information at the staff´s fingertips and making retail operations much simpler.

Sensei technology is digitalising store operations, making it more efficient and helping retailers improve the shopper’s in-store experience. Using the new app, retail staff can now access live information on stock levels, number of customers in the store, and insightful productivity data.

The FAST app, which stands for Frictionless Autonomous Shopping Technology, works in tandem with Sensei´s store autonomous store solution, consisting of specially designed automated shelves and ceiling cameras. This revolutionary technology is already being used to great success by employees of Continente in Lisbon, Europe’s first autonomous store created by a retailer; Sonae.

By installing the autonomous store solution and the app technology, which can be retro-fitted in any store within a day, retailers can quickly and easily take their first step towards autonomous retail without any significant disruption to business. As soon as products are taken from shelves, the staff are automatically informed which products need to be replenished, completely removing the need for lengthy stock and inventory checks.

As this new app caters to the specific needs of both retailers and customers today, it has the potential to improve the customer experience and therefore boost sales. If products are placed on the “wrong” shelves by mistake, staff are informed of where these products are located and where they should be moved to, resulting in reduced labour costs and a workforce that’s more energised and productive.

Thanks to the smart capabilities of Sensei’s app, customers won’t have to face the disappointment of going into a store only to find a product shelf empty. This in turn helps build customer loyalty as consumers are reassured that inventory is expertly managed and that they will always have what they need on the shelf.


Vasco Portugal, CEO at Sensei said: “We are excited to be able to offer retailers our new AI powered FAST App to significantly improve their inventory management process. We know how hard the last year has been on them and it is our goal to provide solutions that help stores reduce costs, increase efficiency, and retain customers. We work closely with retailers and customers to understand their specific needs and show them how to get the most utility from our products and services. The app is a game-changer for the way retail operates and offers a peek into the future of the industry.”


The hybrid retail model, which is part automated, part staffed, offered by the FAST app technology is an ideal first step for retailers looking to modernise but which aren’t ready to go fully autonomous yet. Learn more about Sensei’s new FAST. App, which is available to retailers all over Europe, here.




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