Absurd agency creates new customer protection app for Electrical Safety First

The consumer protection charity is continuing its strategy to ‘create message cut through’ with engaging digital products, which solve consumers’ foremost problems and provide them with the most convenient ways to find the safety information they need in a fast and efficient way. 

Electrical Safety First  is the UK’s leading charitable organisation dedicated to reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by electricity.

Operating across multiple channels, Electrical Safety First has a robust digital roadmap in place to enable it to help consumers find potentially life-saving information on an array of safety issues relating to electrical appliances and electrical installations. Its digital product strategy is being led and implemented by the Charity’s digital partner Absurd.

As part of its ongoing programme of delivery, Electrical Safety First has introduced a new smartphone app. The app takes popular content from the Electrical Safety First website and makes it easily accessible for those on the go.

Features of the new mobile app include:

  • Product Recalls Checker – whereby users can check product recalls and view more details;
  • Product Registration – links to electrical manufacturers’ websites so that users can register the products in their homes, making them easy to trace in the event of a recall
  • Q&A – users can search for answers to electrical safety questions or submit their own to the Charity’s team of experts;
  • Find an Electrician – using the users’ current location or postcode search, the app will take them to the relevant website to find a registered electrician.

The launch of the app follows the success of its Voice app available on Alexa and Google Nest. Users can instruct their speaker to open the Electrical Safety First app and will then be able to ask “Hey Google, has my washing machine been recalled?” The smart speaker will then ask them for the brand name and inform users if any recall has been issued for that brand, prompting them to act.

“With the new app we are taking a further step in maximising the digital customer experience around our safety information and meeting the increasing consumer demand for using the latest smart technology to carry out tasks”, says Emma Drackford, Communications Director at Electrical Safety First. “We’re confident that the new app will help to continue to drive down the number of injuries and deaths caused by electricity.”

Oliver Bailey from Absurd adds: “User feedback and information on the behaviours of users of the new and improved platform were critical in the development and design process. The first iteration of the app includes the most popular and frequently used features, and as an MVP we are continually adding new functionality based on user insights.

“We place the consumer at the heart of the digital products we develop – so everyone can benefit from the wealth of information and advice offered by Electrical Safety First.”

The iOs app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/mw/app/electrical-safety-first/id1565124849

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