OnlyFans creators flock to SoSpoilt following drastic policy change

SoSpoilt – an online platform designed to help bloggers, artists, influencers, and content creators of all kinds earn from what they do – has revealed a 300% surge in new sign-ups.

It comes days after OnlyFans announced there will be significant changes to their content rules from October 1st. These changes have caused panic among thousands of OnlyFans creators, who now face a tough ultimatum: find a new platform or risk losing their income.

“We know a lot of creators need a new place to earn right now,” explains Emilie Moore, SoSpoilt’s Creator Success Manager. “So we’re glad SoSpoilt can be here to welcome creators of all kinds.

“We’ve experienced over 10,000 new sign-ups in the last 24 hours alone. And we’re determined to help every creator who joins us build a safe, reliable income, by sharing the content that matters to them and their fans.”

SoSpoilt not only allows creators to sell content subscriptions directly to their fans, like they can on OnlyFans. On SoSpoilt, fans can also pay to live stream, message, or tip their favourite creators.

Plus, creators can supplement their income from fans, by landing paid collaborations or sponsorship deals with brands in SoSpoilt’s network.

“We know that a lot of creators couldn’t afford to keep doing what they do without getting paid,” continues Emilie. “That’s why SoSpoilt provides them with multiple revenue streams all on one platform.

“Plus, we give all new creators a $10 bonus, to help kickstart their earnings. And we boast lower platform fees than elsewhere, so creators can pocket up to 85% of everything they make. It’s just our way of supporting creators.”

SoSpoilt is not the only platform to see a rise in sign-ups following the OnlyFans policy change. But there are fears some creators are signing up to new sites without considering the long term implications.

“I think what’s happened recently should act as a warning to creators,” Emilie Moore continues. “It should make them realise that your content business is only as secure as the platform you choose to build it on.

“I see a lot of creators just signing up to the first new platform they find. But it’s crucial to do your homework. You need to know you’re joining the right platform for you, your content, and your fans.

“You need somewhere compliant, honest, experienced, and supportive – somewhere like SoSpoilt.”


About SoSpoilt – SoSpoilt is an online platform with one mission: to help content creators fund what they do with fan support and brand sponsorship. Operated by Ampay Limited – a trusted UK technology provider since 1999 – SoSpoilt is now used by over 100,000 creators. And it’s the only choice for creators looking to safely get paid and connect live with their audience. Go to to find out more.

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Source: Pressat

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