Ranked: Online data reveals the retro tech people are most interested in

Technology has undoubtedly evolved at a rapid rate, yet many of us have huge admiration and nostalgia for retro gadgets.

OnBuy Gaming Chairs utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to establish which retro tech products people around the world are most interested in.


The retro technology/gadgets people are most interested in…
Retro Tech/Gadget Year Released Average Global Monthly Online Searches
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1985 317,300
Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) 2000 254,300
Nintendo 64 1996 237,000
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 1990 157,500
Nintendo Game Boy 1989 149,000
Videocassette Recorder (VCR) 1977 147,000
Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) 1994 144,800
Sega Genesis 1988 113,000
Atari 2600 1977 93,000
Sega Saturn 1994 87,000
Pager 1949 77,900
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 2004 50,700
Sony Discman 1997 46,120
Nintendo Power Glove 1989 27,350
Apple Macintosh 1984 27,150
ColecoVision 1982 27,000
Victrola Record Player 25,000
Apple 1 Computer 1976 22,200
Palm Pilot 1997 17,000
Apple Newton 1992 13,700

OnBuy Gaming Chairs
found that Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Is the retro technology product that people are most fascinated by with an average 317,300 global monthly online searches for the home video gaming console – the equivalent of 10,235 online searches a day!

In second position is the Sony PlayStation 2, which receives an average 254,300 worldwide online searches each month from gaming fanatics.

The Nintendo 64 is in third place with an average 237,000 global online searches a month for the 1996 manufactured console.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES157,500), Nintendo Game Boy (149,000), videocassette recorder (147,000) and Sony PlayStation 1 (144,800) are among the other retro technology products which receive more than an average 140,000 global online searches every month, respectively ranking fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.

Interestingly, more than half (11) of the retro tech/gadgets in the top 20 are gaming centric products from the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

At the other end in 20th spot is the 1993 released Apple Newton, with the personal digital assistant receiving an average 13,700 worldwide online searches a month.


Image Credit: Ron Tiew Photography / Shutterstock


  • OnBuy Gaming Chairs analysed various articles on retro gadgets/technology from reputable sources to establish a comprehensive list of popular retro gadgets/technology.
  • Once a list of retro gadgets/technology was finalised, each retro gadget/technology was searched on the database of Ahrefs to understand how many global online searches each retro gadget/technology receives on average each month.
  • After this was done for all the retro gadgets/technology in the list, the top 20 were presented in the final results table (i.e. the 20 retro gadgets/technology products which receive the most monthly global online searches per month).
  • OnBuy Gaming Chairs did take into account the variations in which people search for the same thing online but in different ways e.g. ‘NES’ also ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ and ‘VCR’ also ‘videocassette recorder’.
  • All results were correct at the time of analysis and are subject to change based on fluctuations in global online searches.
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