Homeless, Refugee and Older people who can not afford tech need your old Old Apple, Amazon and other computer devices

With rampant digital exclusion especially highlighted by the pandemic, SocialBox.Biz is trying to do their part to make a change with their long-standing Laptops for Homeless and Elderly Initiative that helps organisations meet their sustainability goals and civic duties.  SocialBox.Biz is a London-based community interest company that takes outdated laptops and rehomes them to those in need with open source software is inviting addition partners to join their campaign for sourcing additional items to end digital exclusion.

According to The Guardian article and a group of UK cross-party MPs from the environmental audit committee it is reported that 155,000 tonnes of electronic waste that are thrown away each year in the U.K. alone, we are urging everyone to consider how their electronics can be reused by those that deserve them the most before they even become part of the e-waste mountain. Details about the report:


We want everyone to know that for many years we have been taking donations of old no longer needed yet still usable: iMacs, iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks as well as other usable tech. We provide a secure data wipe service for businesses, schools, universities and councils place them into the hands of those who deserve them the most in the U.K. Items are not exported and they are not adding to the problem in another country. This is helping organisations such as councils and universities and school meet their civic duty and boost their public engagement and recognition.

Through our Laptops for the Homeless and Elderly Initiative, we are minimizing our environmental footprint while extending digital inclusiveness, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

We urge everyone to do their part and donate their electronics they no longer need. Please spread the word.

For more information, visit: https://medium.com/@socialboxbiz47/now-uk-companies-schools-universities-councils-and-other-organisations-can-donate-old-apple-815f98af26a7.

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