REVEALED: The car brand with the most distracting in-car entertainment systems

In 2019, there were 12,197 road accidents1 in which a distraction played a role.

When driving, there are lots of ways to get distracted, from taking a call to children asking for your attention. But what about your car itself, and how distracting is your in-built entertainment system?

The Compensation Experts has analysed an experiment by What Car, ranking 20 vehicles on how distracting their infotainment systems are, based on six common driving tasks. They also collaborated with driving instructor John Parry to provide top tips on how to avoid getting distracted while driving.

MG ZS EV is the Worst Car for Built in Distractions

The MG ZS EV is the most distracting car to drive, scoring just a measly 12 points out of a possible 30 across the 6 tests. The Fiat 500X was the second most distracting, gaining only 14 points.

The test included were turning up the temperature by 2 degrees, increasing fan speed, zoom out on the sat nav map, cancel route guidance, switch radio to BBC Radio 4, and use voice control to find the nearest service station.

Full Results below:

Rank Brand Car system Points
1 MG MG ZS EV with 8.0in touchscreen 12
2 Fiat 500X with 7-inch touchscreen and Uconnect Live 14
3 Skoda Citigo-e iV with colour screen and phone holder 16
4 Peugeot 508 SW with 10-inch Connected 3D Navigation and voice recognition 17
5 Lexus RX with 12.3-inch multimedia display 18
6 Honda CR-V with 7-inch touchscreen, Honda Connect and Garmin navigation 18
7 Nissan Juke with Nissan Connect 19
8 Toyota Corolla with Touch 2 media system and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 20
9 Volvo S60 with Sensus 20
10 Jaguar XE with 10-inch Touch Pro Duo system 21
11 Skoda (premium) Kamiq with 9.2-inch touchscreen, voice control and Amundsen sat-nav 21
12 Vauxhall Corsa with 10-inch Multimedia Navi Pro 22
13 Hyundai Ioniq with 10.25-inch touchscreen and Bluelink connectivity 22
14 Ford Fiesta with Sync 3 navigation and FordPass Connect 23
15 Volkswagen Passat GTE with 8-inch Composition Media system 24
16 Mazda Mazda3 with 8.8-inch colour display and Mazda Connect 25
17 Audi Q3 Sportback with Virtual Cockpit Plus 26
18 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid with Connect Plus and Porsche Communication Management 27
19 Mercedes-Benz CLA with 10.25-inch touchscreen 27
20 BMW 3 Series with Live Cockpit Professional 28

Top Tips for Avoiding Distractions While Driving

John Parry, driving instructor at Parry’s Fleet Services, offers his top tips on how to avoid distractions and keep yourself and others safe while driving:

  1. Know Where You are Going

If you’re using a navigation system, program the destination before you set off.

  1. Pull Over

If you must call or text, or if you’re struggling to use the in-built system, pull off the road safely and stop first.

  1. Ask Passengers for Help

If riding with someone, seek their help to navigate, make a call or send a message.

  1. Be a good passenger

Speak out if the driver of your vehicle is distracted, and help them when needed.

  1. Don’t be a distraction

Avoid calling or texting others when you know they are driving.

  1. Activate Do Not Disturb

Setting up ‘Do not disturb’ on your iPhone or Android device will prevent calls from coming in while you’re driving.

  1. Everyone should avoid distractions while in traffic

Just as drivers need to pay attention, so do pedestrians and bicyclists. Never call, text or play games while walking or cycling

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What Car used two drivers to test 20 car models. The test scored six different tasks set with a difficulty rating of 5 (easiest) to 0 (worst). The total score for each brand is out of 30.

Tests below:

  1. Turn up the temperature by 2 degrees.
  2. Increase the fan speed by two settings.
  3. With a 20-mile route programmed into the sat-nav and the infotainment screen on the home page, go to the map screen and zoom out to see the entire route.
  4. Cancel route guidance.
  5. With the radio tuned to Virgin Radio DAB and the infotainment screen on the home page, go to the main list of DAB stations and switch to BBC Radio 4.
  6. Using the voice control button on the steering wheel (where fitted), ask the car to find the nearest service station.


  • Department for Transport statistics


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