StreaksAI research survey reveals 73% of respondents think AI chatbots could help cure loneliness

  • StreaksAI conducts AI sentiment poll amongst UK public and finds that 73% of respondents think chatbots and digital companions could help reduce loneliness and social isolation.
  • More than a quarter of respondents express a willingness to engage in intimate and emotional roleplay with chatbots.
  • A majority (53%) believe the development of conversational AI technology will increase quality of life.


73% of respondents believe that chatbots and digital companions could serve as effective tools in combating loneliness and social isolation, according to data London Stock Exchange listed StreaksAI, a conversational AI pioneer. The survey, which gathered responses from 300 people across the UK, has shed light on prevailing public sentiments towards AI chatbots.

The survey has shown a strong interest in three core uses of conversational AI – companionship, entertainment and personal assistance. With 6-in-10 adolescents[i] sometimes or often feeling they have ‘no-one to talk to’, and 7% of Britons saying they’re lonely ‘all the time’[ii], StreaksAI believes that conversational AI is critical to solving an explosion of loneliness in the aftermath of the pandemic.


AI chatbots are built on real conversations, but unlike real people, they are endlessly patient. This allows people who are nervous of relationships to explore complex emotional scenarios in a safe space, making them more confident in the real world. The survey showed a strong belief that AI can be an effective companion, with half of respondents saying they thought an AI companion would help build confidence in real life relationships. In addition to this, more than a quarter of respondents (26%) expressed a willingness to engage in intimate and emotional roleplay with chatbots.

For entertainment, nearly 70% of participants reported a keen interest in AI chatbots that embody well-known fictional characters from media sources like TV, books, or games. AI allows a deep level of immersion into fictional works as users can ask AI replications of fictional characters – trained on the source material – all their most burning questions. Ever wondered what Juliet really thought of Romeo? Now you can ask.


Finally, the survey showed the potential demand for an AI personal assistant. A resounding 72% of respondents believe that AI chatbots can be helpful in their day-to-day with a majority (53%) saying the development of such technology will increase quality of life. This widespread optimism underlines the transformative role that this technology could play in people’s lives.


Introducing Streaks Companion

Building on these compelling survey results, StreaksAI is thrilled to announce the launch of “Streaks Companion” – a highly personalised AI chatbot service designed to provide sophisticated humanlike companionship, mentorship, and digital assistant services. Powered by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) generators, including GPT-4, Streaks Companion offers a unique and secure platform for long-term conversation with enhanced features.

Streaks Companion can be used for three distinct services: companionship, mentorship and as a personal assistant. Companionship services can either be romantic or platonic, designed to increase users’ confidence in navigating real-life relationships, it also offers a secure environment for users to build relationship skills and develop new romantic experiences. As a mentor, Streaks Companion can provide friendship, as well as advice on personal dilemmas, and as a personal assistant it is intended to support with time management and organisation.

Streaks Companion’s potential for use as a personal assistant dovetails with Streaks’ development of digital tie-ins including calendar integration, which are expected to release in Q1 2024.

Try out Streaks Companion here:


StreaksAI’s CEO, Philip Blows, said: “Our data underscores the undeniable potential of AI across multiple verticals, but crucially in addressing one of society’s most pressing challenges, social isolation. AI is an endlessly patient companion which can provide support when we’re down and build confidence for both real-world romantic and platonic relationships. With the introduction of ‘Streaks Companion’, we’re pioneering a future where AI is not just a tool, but a friend, a mentor, and a reliable aide. We’re on the cusp of a new era, bridging the gap between technology and emotional well-being, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

For more information about StreaksAI and its offering, please visit

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