GlossAi Announces New Partnerships to Enable Growing ‘Always-On’ Strategies With AI-Generated Video Repurposing

Pioneering ‘Always-On’ marketing, CMOs are relying on GlossAi to generate channel-specific content at scale. “Since we started using GlossAi, we see an uptake of almost 40% in our daily webinar attendees.” Said Nir Szmulewicz, CMO at eToro.

GlossAi, creators of the scaleable content repurposing platform driven by generative V-AI (Video AI), announced new partnerships to support the company’s ‘Always-on’ video strategies with eToro, GlobalDots, and GDAI. This means that teams need to create ongoing content at scale but also personalized for channels and audience expectations.

Companies or content creators that rely on in-the-moment marketing, must create content that is engaging across professional and casual social media platforms. Uploading the same video on all platforms risks the brand being perceived as dull or disconnected. GlossAi allows you to turn a single video into AI-edited videos that are generated to perform on specific social platforms.

In response, teams are increasingly relying on V-AI to save time, money, and resources. “Companies are thinking of how to make their content go further,” said Ofer Familier, Co-Founder & CEO of GlossAi. “Customers who swapped expensive productions for our automatic V-AI are now instantly making exciting promo videos for webinars, announcing new features with fanfare, and extracting the most impactful moments from within customer testimonials.”

Working with eToro, GlossAi gives their team a fully automatic solution that converts video content of any length into short-form channel-specific videos, images, and text. “It’s hard to attract people to listen to an hour-long financial discussion,” said Nir Szmulewicz, Chief Marketing Officer at eToro. “With GlossAi’s videos, we’ve seen an uptake of nearly 40% in regular attendees. Each one of these attendees is another user that feels more empowered to make investment decisions.”

GlossAi’s ‘Always-on’ features are also helping companies produce moment-relevant pieces at scale, such as with GlobalDots, which needed to instantly edit and publish daily interviews. Working with external teams and editors was costly, with long turnaround times that held back their efforts. GlossAi enabled them to instantly receive edited reels for specific platforms while reducing post-production costs by 85%.

GlossAi relies on proprietary AI to identify the most important parts of a video, automatically generating edited content of various lengths for different users to use across channels.

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