PiPcall launches complete mobile-only business phone system in an app

New app is optimised for use on personal mobiles and provides access to desk phone features plus high-quality calls made over the mobile network while addressing regulatory demands

PiPcall, the company behind “Phone-in-a-Phone” (PiP) telecoms solutions for enterprises, today launches the UK’s first mobile-only business phone system in an app that is optimised for use on the employee’s personal mobile phone.

Built from the ground up over three years, PiPoffice gives users added freedom to work from multiple locations – office, home, in a cafe, with a client or while travelling – untethered from their desk, with use of all the features and functionality of their traditional desk phone system.

What is critical about the app is that while it offers greater flexibility for staff in the financial services sector to work remotely, it still maintains regulatory best practice and industry compliance rules such as the FCA’s call recording obligations.

For those in the highly regulated financial services sector many more business conversations are being held using mobiles, away from the compliance bubble of fixed desk-based communications. And herein lies the challenge – the regulatory requirement for the recording and storage of these calls does not differ from those made on fixed office phone systems. Key business phone features include call recording, conference calling, corporate voicemail, IVR, ring groups, call monitoring and call logging.

PiPoffice calls are made solely over the dedicated mobile voice network to ensure the best possible carrier-grade call quality anywhere. The technology establishes a clear distinction between business and personal activity on the device and ensures that calls are charged back to the organisation’s plan. The individual user incurs no costs charged to their personal call plan when using PiPoffice on their phone. Furthermore, the PiPoffice app incurs relatively low usage of battery capacity.

Commenting on the launch, PiPcall founder and CEO Simon Hochhauser said, “The trend in telecoms is overwhelmingly mobile first. In today’s fluid workplace, traditional enterprise phone systems are no longer fit for purpose. Employees don’t want to be tethered to a desk or a fixed office phone system anymore.”

Each installed PiPoffice app comes with its own Direct Dial-In (DDI) business number. Business calls, contact info and call records on PiPoffice all remain completely separate from any personal apps installed on the device. PiPoffice cannot access any personal calls, contacts or data from the mobile phone on which it is installed.

The innovative app is the key element of a new PiPoffice mobile-only system. Alternatively, it is offered as part of the PiPoffice hybrid phone system that also includes desktop apps and desk phone support, giving staff access to business phone features across multiple endpoints using the same number.

The PiPoffice app runs on both iOS and Android devices and on all UK mobile networks. It integrates with popular business applications including Teams, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Bullhorn and Zoho.

Hochhauser continued, “As the UK emerges from lockdown, employees want mobility, flexibility, and the means to work easily from a variety of locations, not just in the office or at home but everywhere. PiPoffice gives them that mobility and flexibility – it is the everywhere office.”

PiPoffice is now available for UK businesses to try out for themselves as a free trial. For more information, please visit www.pipcall.com.

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